About Me

About Kim BoMy name is Kaloyan Ganchev, most of my friends know me as Kim Bo or Kin. I’m born in middle part of Bulgaria in early 80’s. Most of my time I’m spending in learning things. I’ve finished high-school as a specialists in Industrial Electronics. I’ve studied Psychology and I’ve got a master degree in Practical Psychology. Computing was always been a hobby of mine and I’ve got decent knowledge of both – hardware & software. I’ve worked quite a lot of different jobs and I currently own a small signage & advertising company. In the same time I’m sales manager in a company dealing with bespoke wood flooring, marquetry and flooring designs. On my modest opinion, I may say that I know a thing or two about quite a lot of stuff. This may not make me the an ultimate specialists in each area of my knowledge, however it gives me an unique opportunity to do whatever I like.

Currently I live in Watford UK with my family and enjoying every moment with my kids & my wife. On my opinion the real happiness is in the small things: a smile, a friendly touch, a nice word. Things like this can bright up your day and they costs nothing. I’ve realized that money can only buy a comfort for your body, but never for your mind. I’m aware that the life is full of challenges and ready or not they are always in front of you, in one form or another. My philosophy in handling them is simple: Whatever you do – always give your best (and always have fun ;).

About Kim BoPhotography is my passion and whenever I’ve got a spare time I’m trying make some beautiful photos. Though, as any other thing in life if you want to do something right, you will need to spend enough time to do it, with the proper equipment, relevant skills & knowledge. In the photography, even though taking a photography shot is a matter of second (or in some cases seconds), you always need a decent preparation, in order to make sure that you’ll get the best results. Making a good picture is always a matter of perspective, perception & the right skills of course. Most of the people are thinking that it is nothing special and anyone can do it with the proper equipment, but the truth is that you will need a bit more than that.

Please see my gallery and enjoy some of my pictures taken in several magnificent places around the world.